Friday, April 9, 2010

Smokers Hypnosis

Researchers have now found good headway into studies showing what group hypnosis can do for smokers, especially those who want to quit and start a new lease in life.

This is especially significant in therapies that allow smokers to quit smoking and individual, as well as group hypnotism, has taken good strides into achieving positive and groundbreaking results.

Several studies and research revealed that hypnosis was responsible for 66% of subjects in most of these studies have quit smoking.

Among the most notable benefits of hypnosis is the positive change in attitudes of the subjects, as well as eliminating the smoking habit by enlightening and affecting associations and beliefs towards smoking.

Here are some of the recognized researches and findings on hypnosis in the treatment of smokers.

The University of Washington School of Medicine claimed that by integrating the group hypnotic method of therapy on smokers, they were able to establish a 90.6% success rate through hypnotherapy.

The study conducted on 43 subjects undergoing the therapy, was responsible for effecting abstinence with 39 of the patients in a period of 6 months to 3 years including post-treatment.

Another study conducted by the Smoke Free International Organization show a 95% success rate for patients who have undergone hypnosis incorporated with Neuro Lingual Programming (NLP) to quit smoking.

The same study also indicated that at least 51% were able to sustain abstinence from smoking on hypnosis therapy alone.

In another study program conducted in Bloomington, Indiana, where it combined hypnosis and aversion methods to stop smoking, there was an 87% reported success rate for abstinence with the use of hypnosis.

The field study consisted of 93 female and 93 male outpatients subjected to the hypnosis therapy program and after a 3-month post therapy follow-up, 87% of the women and 86 % of the men sustained abstinence from smoking.

At the System Health Science Center, College of Medicine of the Texas A&M University, a study on clinical hypnosis revealed that 81% of patients that went through hypnosis had stopped smoking.

The program, which focused on a preliminary therapy treatment employing three hypnosis therapy intervention sessions among 30 smokers, 21 of them were able to return after an initial hypnosis session to forego succeeding sessions.

At the end of the treatment process, a total of 81% of them stopped smoking and were able to abstain from smoking a year after treatment.

Based on the findings on an article from the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, a study was conducted with 71 regular smokers based on a two-year post treatment follow-up, those that have gone through hypnosis were twice as likely to have quit smoking than those subjects who only willed to quit on their own and did not undergo hypnosis.

Another study from the Ohio State University revealed in a hypnotherapy smoking cessation program that hypnosis was responsible for breaking the smoking habit effectively than through drug intervention.

One of the largest studies ever conducted on hypnosis treatment of smokers, was conducted by the University of Iowa, where it indicated that hypnosis was the most effective treatment in helping smokers break the habit of smoking.

The large scale study consisting of 600 consolidated researches of smokers from America and Europe with over 72,000 subjects, a statistical result concluded that on average, hypnosis was more than three times as effective as nicotine replacement treatments and 15 times more effective than by just willfully deciding on quitting.

If for some reason somebody gets hooked on smoking and would seriously like to kick the habit, try to look at what group hypnosis can do for smokers.