Friday, April 9, 2010

Self Hypnosis

Begin by sitting or lying comfortably. Keep your head straight, pointing forward, but look up at a spot on the wall - do not bend your neck. Your eyes should be looking slightly up. Breath in to the count of five and out to the count of five. This will cause your body to let go of tensions and stresses. Now curl your toes on both feet and tense them while you inhale to the count of five. Now relax on your exhale to the count of five. Move up to your legs. Tense them and relax. Keep breathing in to the count of five and out to the count of five. Now tense your whole pelvic and buttock region. And relax. All the time breathing deeply. Move up to your stomach, then your chest, neck, face and head, repeating the tensing and relaxing procedure while breathing deeply. Allow your eyes to close naturally at any time during this relaxation exercise. You will find that within a very short period of time it takes more and more effort to keep them open.

Once your eyes are shut and you have relaxed your entire body, imagine that you are at the top of a winding dark staircase with ten steps. Keep breathing deeply to the count of five. Move down to the first step, noticing that you can only see a few steps ahead of you as the rest are shrouded in a calm still darkness. Mentally say the word 10. Now move to the next step and mentally say 9. Then the next saying 8. Move progressively down the steps until you reach the bottom. During this exercise you can allow your breathing to return to normal or keep the deep breathing up if you prefer.

Once you have reached the bottom imagine there is a large wooden door in front of you walk towards it and open it. On the other side you find a moving escalator going down. Move onto it and feel it bringing you down, down, down. Deeper, deeper, down.

When you reach the bottom imagine you can walk slightly forward until you find yourself in a quiet relaxing setting. Just let it appear. It may be a garden, a beach, a forest or a favourite place from childhood. It could  be anywhere. Just allow your subconscious mind to show you where you are. Relax in whatever way seems appropriate to you in that special place.

At this stage you can mentally give yourself post hypnotic suggestions in the form of "I am….", or "I allow to enter my life with ease" etc. If you prefer not to have to remember mentally spoken instructions then recall your visualization and place yourself inside it! This is important see the scene through YOUR eyes as though it were a memory. Do not visualize yourself in the scene the way you would see another person. Experience it from your perspective. Do this for as long as it is enjoyable.

Once you have finished and are ready to return to normal waking consciousness, simply count back from 10 to 1 and mentally say "wide awake, wide awake". Stretch, give yourself a few seconds to re-adjust to your surroundings and then go about your daily activities.

You will find this short exercise in self hypnosis most beneficial, rejuvenating and life-altering!

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